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Types of Notes

We will help you sell some or all of your payments from: a 1st or 2nd mortgage, trust deed, deed of trust, land contract,  business note, installment loans, court award (such as a structured settlement), lottery winnings, royalties, annuities, etc. for a discounted lump sum.

Future Payments or Cash Now...

Creative home sellers who offer seller financing to potential buyers can often sell their houses more quickly (and at a higher price) in a slow market. The bottom line is seller financing can enable a home owner to "have their cake and eat it too" - i.e., sell at the desired price, close the deal quickly, and even receive additional income from interest payments as well.

While applying seller financing techniques isn't more difficult than traditional real estate sales, it is important to recognize that the buyers looking for seller financing represent a different target market than typical bank-financed customers.

Similarly, the process for obtaining a large cash payment for the seller after a note is created varies from the conventional real estate closing technique as well.

Fulfilling a Seller's Need for Cash

In some seller-financed real estate situations, the property owner may have an immediate need for more cash than is available from the scheduled principal and interest payments. This situation often comes about when the seller needs to have enough money to use as a down payment for their next real estate purchase.

In order to quickly obtain a large proportion of the money due from the loan they just created, the seller could sell the monthly note payments to a buyer for a lump sum of cash. By locating someone willing to buy the payments from the note. The seller will then have ready cash for a down payment, or any other pressing financial need.

In order to streamline the seller finance sale situation, it is advisable to have potential buyers for the newly-created cash flow ready to buy. A seller can start looking for buyers before the note is created, or even before a seller-financed buyer is "lined up". This way, the property seller could have a buyer for the payment stream ready to make the purchase as soon as the new private mortgage is created.

Locating the Right Note Buyer

Sometimes there are so many potential buyers, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Also, cash flow buyers tend to have distinctly different financial parameters; an opportunity that meets the needs of one person perfectly may not be attractive at all to another. Therefore, it is often best to work with someone who could give the seller a general idea about how notes should be structured.

Using Note Finders

Once in contact with a finder, the seller should explain the details of the situation. While a note finder won't be able to offer any legal advice, or assist with the creation of a note, they are qualified to give general recommendations about what types of terms are attractive to note purchasers. Most importantly, note finders will be able to help locate a buyer for a newly-created cash flow. is a qualified and experienced note finder with a network of over 200 buyers.

Remember, finders are not note brokers, meaning they will not reveal the seller's note details to buyers or act as a representative. They will only pass the pertinent information along to a potential buyer(s). Once a commitment to purchase the cash flow has been established, the actual buyer will step in and complete the deal directly with the seller.

When working with a property seller who needs a lump sum of cash immediately after selling their real estate, contacting a finder early in the process of creating a real estate note makes sense. By involving a qualified note finder BEFORE a note is created, the property seller can receive invaluable input about the payment characteristics that note buyers prefer.

Without this knowledge, the property could sell quickly with the creation of a new note, but the seller might end up collecting the payments long-term instead of being able to quickly "trade" the future payments for an up front cash settlement. If the property seller will need a large amount of cash quickly, it makes sense to plan ahead finding a buyer to purchase the cash flow note by utilizing the services of a qualified note finder.

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